Living beyond your circumstances is true freedom

Living beyond circumstances - presence is my superpower

Being in the present moment is like my super power. At times, it seems the universe shows me things that were meant just for me. I see so much beauty and magic in nature like these thousands of crows roosting, taking off in flight with the light of the moon guiding their path.

Using mindfulness to really see a sunset

Using mindfulness to really see a sunset

I stood outside, felt the cold November air and marveled at this sky last night. I felt it. I saw it. I became it. In those moments, I wasn’t witnessing the sunset through my thoughts and judgments—I witnessed it through mindful awareness and presence. I witnessed it with silence and stillness. And for that, I … Read More

Growth happens outside your comfort zone

“Just when the caterpillar thought it’s life was over, it became a butterfly.” Butterflies have been following me everywhere for just about two months now. And now, this gorgeous Monarch butterfly is keeping me company on the front porch.  I’ve been so uncomfortable for the past few months, with lots of uncertainty and transition. I … Read More

Choosing your focus: you are your point of attraction.

Choosing your focus: you are your point of attraction.

All of life is viewed through your point of attraction and your point of consciousness. Your perspective is as unique as you. See the beauty or see the hate. See the love or see the fear. We get more of what we focus on.

The Journey Of The Flower – A Mindful Way To Look At Nature

I absolutely love nature and especially flowers. Each time I see one, I’m reminded that they once started out as a tiny seed. Buried deep in the earth, that seed must fight and overcome obstacles just to reach the light and poke through the heavy load it was under to survive. Then, as it sees … Read More

Life Is Simple & Easy – My Mindfulness Mantra For The Week

Life is simple and easy. I practice this mindfulness mantra on my mat, during my daily meditation, while I wash dishes, transition between clients and as I put my son to sleep. I’m always focusing my mind and filling it with positivity, especially when I want to react to uncomfortable and undesirable conditions around me. … Read More

How A Nightmare Helped Me Uncover What Matters Most In Life

My eyes opened widely as the light of day and smiling face of my son greeted me. I closed my eyes for a moment, then re-opened them, getting my bearings. I wasn’t sure where I was. Was I home or still in my dream? This dream had been so vivid and so terrifying, I couldn’t … Read More

What Would Your Life Look Like Without A Mobile Device?

Ahh, the beach and my little man! Vacations are such a gift, but I’m always happy to arrive home. As I reflect while unpacking, I feel nothing but gratitude for the tremendous insights gained this past week, looking inward by the ocean. Prior to our trip, I fortunately remembered to pack (and over-pack) everything for … Read More