Healing from adversity success story

Healing from adversity success story

There was a time when I was hopelessly lost in the dark. I was trapped in the despair of depression and the crippling grip of anxiety, with a prescription in my hand as the only thing that was supposed to make me feel better. For 12 long years I believed it was the only option. … Read More

Live the life of your dreams… it’s up to you.

On the brink of death, I discovered life

These are just some of the medications I had the privilege of throwing away on January 2, 2010. I had just completed a safe and lengthy detox supervised by a qualified doctor. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety disorder at the age of 18 and put on prescription medication. I soon began to … Read More

Positive Affirmation Exercise for Chronic Pain

Positive Affirmation Exercise For Chronic Pain Sufferers

Living with chronic pain is a difficult place to be but there are tools you can use to ease suffering that is self-created. When you are suffering from chronic pain, your body and mind reside in “fight or flight” mode. Cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline levels are elevated, creating even more discord and imbalance in … Read More