Clarity about what makes a successful life

Finding peace in the present moment - Cyndi Roberts - West Hartford

I took a half day off earlier in the week and hiked up to Talcott Mountain. It felt so good to be outside, to feel the cold air and be among the beauty of the fall season. I felt my feet on the ground, the breath in my lungs, the beating of my heart and knew that I was alive.

I knew my whole life led me to that moment, that view and those conversations of the day.

Presence is something I have been practicing since I awakened in 2009. It’s astounding how peaceful the present moment is. I believe the more present I am for my life, the more successful I am. I’ve learned that the point of life is to be here and enjoy each moment, even with discomfort or when the mind is looking for distractions.

When we stay with what is—as it is—we’re successful. That is my idea of true happiness and living a successful life.