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On the brink of death, I discovered life

These are just some of the medications I had the privilege of throwing away on January 2, 2010. I had just completed a safe and lengthy detox supervised by a qualified doctor. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety disorder at the age of 18 and put on prescription medication. I soon began to … Read More

Growth happens outside your comfort zone

“Just when the caterpillar thought it’s life was over, it became a butterfly.” Butterflies have been following me everywhere for just about two months now. And now, this gorgeous Monarch butterfly is keeping me company on the front porch.  I’ve been so uncomfortable for the past few months, with lots of uncertainty and transition. I … Read More

Out Of The Deepest Darkness Comes The Greatest Joy

“The only way to make sense of change, is to plunge into it, live with it and join the dance.” Alan Watts

“Write from your heart, Cyndi. Write from truth,” I heard a little voice say when I sat down to write. I wish I could tell you this was a time of joy for me. I wish I could rest in the “all is wellness” that is. From truth, it is a time of great sadness. … Read More

Enlightenment: It’s Not What You Think

For most of us awakening and searching for enlightenment, we ultimately realize we are on an emotional journey back to love. We are in the process of unlearning the layers of fear that the world and our loved ones have taught us throughout the decades. Enlightenment is not a place to arrive at, nor is … Read More

Choosing your focus: you are your point of attraction.

Choosing your focus: you are your point of attraction.

All of life is viewed through your point of attraction and your point of consciousness. Your perspective is as unique as you. See the beauty or see the hate. See the love or see the fear. We get more of what we focus on.

Spread Compassion, Kindness, Joy and Peace This Holiday Season

Some days I see so much suffering and pain. Some days I see so much hope and compassion. As I sit here in my West Hartford area yoga studio, bathed in the waning light of a magnificent “winter” sky (quotes because it’s nearly 50 degrees in Connecticut in December), I know deep in my heart … Read More

Positive Birth Affirmations FREE MP3 Download

Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy And Birth - free mp3 download

Pregnant bodies know how to labor and deliver the baby; it’s the mind that can tell you otherwise. When I was pregnant, along with daily meditation, practicing positive pregnancy and birth affirmations was an instrumental part in setting myself up to be fully present for labor and for birthing my son naturally. Practicing positive pregnancy … Read More

The Journey Of The Flower – A Mindful Way To Look At Nature

I absolutely love nature and especially flowers. Each time I see one, I’m reminded that they once started out as a tiny seed. Buried deep in the earth, that seed must fight and overcome obstacles just to reach the light and poke through the heavy load it was under to survive. Then, as it sees … Read More