Spiritual Warrior’s Journey: A Little Light In A Time Of Darkness

Spiritual Warrior's Journey - a little light in a time of darkness

Dearest one,

I can imagine it feels as though you have been cracked wide open. Feeling raw, naked, vulnerable, exposed and not quite sure what is going to come up or out. The pain and suffering in the mind feels real. The emotion and uncertainty feel real as you experience them in the here and now.

Though it feels real, the mind is simply remembering present moments from a distant time in the past. Reliving, replaying to try to make it better for the future—that is the nature of the mind. It creates illusion, keeping you in the grips of suffering, of what once was.

I can assure you, however, that once you bring the light of your awareness to the pain with your direct attention, it passes. It may feel darkest before the shift, before the light cracks through. Just when you think you’ve had enough, it shifts and the hold it has over you no longer exists. The memories fade away, meaningless and gone. The space you created inside, the freedom you feel, remains in those once broken places as the liberation lingers.

It takes tremendous courage to examine our past hurts, our fears, our regrets and disappointments. It takes a warrior—someone who has already survived past struggles and challenges, bravely facing those discomforts and pain. To feel, to let go, to clear, to heal, what once held us back in sorrow and finally be free.

After the dust settles, we see that the space within that was once filled with heartache is now filled with indescribable joy. Where there was shame, now there is strength and courage. Where there was humiliation, now there is unconditional love and support. Where there was guilt, now there is unshakable peace.

Our cells become lighter, free from the dark matter of the ego and our souls sing out loud with divine inspiration, creativity, eagerness and fun. It is a breaking open like nothing else I have ever experienced.

I have felt my body crumble. I’ve witnessed my limited beliefs melt away. I’ve breathed away decades of trauma and sat with the most uncomfortable emotions, on purpose, just so I can be free from them once and for all.

Living in the light of awareness and awakening is a true spiritual warrior’s journey.

Being with what is, no matter how uncomfortable. Remaining present makes the painful lessons of the past mean something. Resting in gratitude for the suffering, darkness and discomfort makes that journey a gift.

Realize that the journey is for you—and you alone—to create who you are in this moment. Imperfection is beautiful and necessary for growth. To be human is to feel. Our nature is to evolve and to create.

The best way out is always through

We can find joy from our sorrows on this path as we keep the light of presence shining when it is darkest. The best way out is always through. It will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Your past doesn’t define who you are. Your suffering doesn’t define who you are. It is simply the contrast you need to be the best version of yourself today.

Being here, in the darkness, in the shadow, simply means you are ready to let go.

You are ready to grow. You are ready to forgive yourself and others. You are ready to heal.

You are loved more than you will ever know. Everything is already all right, as it is.

There is a divine plan and purpose that you are a part of. Be still and let your intuition guide the way, for the path is different for us all.

Trust, breathe, stay present and ride the wave with presence, non-attachment and grace.

May you have peace and ease.
May you be happy and healthy.
With love and peace,

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