Cyndi Roberts Yoga - RYT-200, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Certified Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga Instructor West Hartford, CT

One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga

Gentle, Private Sessions to Heal and Strengthen Your Body

Relieve chronic pain, reduce stress or build inner and outer strength with private yoga sessions designed just for you.

Healing with yoga
One-on-one therapeutic yoga instruction with Cyndi Roberts

How are these one-on-one yoga sessions different from what you find at local yoga studios?

One-on-one yoga instruction Hartford area
One-on-one yoga instruction Hartford area

My studio is private and sessions are one-on-one, so there is no need to worry about rushing to class, trying to find a parking spot (or a place to put your mat), being judged by the 22-year-old behind you, or any of the other hassles that come with yoga in a large studio.

When you book a session with me, we’ll work to find a time that’s right for you. Then I’ll guide you through yoga in the privacy and comfort of my studio, whenever it makes the most sense for you.

Sessions with me are all about you and your needs. Because you’ll be the only student, you’ll have 100% of my attention, knowledge, and expertise at your disposal. My sole purpose is to make you feel better by designing and helping you through a plan that is catered specifically to you, so you may experience healing through yoga — at your own speed and on your own terms.

When you make the commitment to healing with therapeutic yoga, we will create a strategic plan that is right for you and your needs — and I’ll be with you every step of the way — showing you how to do the poses properly and helping you walk through the door to healing.

One gentle word of advice, however: your progress will depend on your commitment to your health and well-being and your willingness to let go of old beliefs and limiting thought patterns. A positive attitude is a must. (But what do you have to lose? Just your pain and suffering.)

What is therapeutic yoga?

Private yoga instruction Hartford - Cyndi Roberts
Private yoga instruction Hartford - Cyndi Roberts

Therapeutic yoga is a combination of restorative yoga poses (where the body is supported with yoga props), gentle stretching, breathing exercises, sound therapy, aromatherapy and more. The practice is designed to heal and restore the body and mind.

You might think you need to be young or look like a lingerie model… Not true! Anyone can practice yoga: you don't need to be flexible, you don't need to be able to stand on your head, and you don't have to wear a certain type of pants to practice. The type of yoga I’ll teach you is accessible to all individuals, at any stage or age in life.

Even if you think you hate yoga, you’ll be surprised at how different my approach is. Don’t base your idea of yoga on a bad experience in an impersonal group class — try the one-on-one difference and discover the true healing power of yoga for yourself.

It’s not a religion. Anyone can benefit — anyone! Yoga teaches us emotional intelligence, gives us the ability to watch our reactions, and trains us to be kinder people.

It's not a selfish practice, even in private one-on-one sessions. If anything, yoga is the opposite — it teaches us compassion, awareness of others, and listening skills.

Most importantly, it teaches us to be present in our own lives.

Still not convinced yoga is for you? Keep reading...

How can private, one-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions help?

Private yoga lessons Hartford area
Private yoga lessons Hartford area

When practicing therapeutic yoga, you’ll have time and space to relax into the postures, while listening to the wisdom which guides healing from within. The postures themselves will help your body release accumulated tension by deeply stretching your muscles and connective tissue.

The process of deep breathing will guide you into a profound, relaxed, and stress-free state. It is said that the breath is the bridge that connects the body and mind. By allowing the breath to flow freely, we allow the life force to flow throughout the body, removing stuck energy, emotions or blocks buried within the cells, creating a space for healing.

As you begin to care for your body and practice proper breath control, new energy will flow through you, and you’ll receive tremendous vitality for healing.

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About Me

Facing liver failure, diabetes, and death after a 12-year battle with severe depression, anxiety and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder, I used yoga, meditation and nutrition to save my life.

To say I am “passionate” about healthy living is an understatement. Now I write about and share the knowledge and lived experience I gained on my journey back to health to try to help others find the same relief.

I have personally experienced healing on a deep level, and I’ve learned that regular yoga practice is most beneficial. I've healed injuries to my neck, ribs, shoulders, hamstring, SI joint, IT band, knee, and even found relief from chronic back pain (which I suffered from for almost a decade). I was also able to release three decades of physical and emotional trauma buried deep within my core.

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