Yoga pose to relieve stress and counter jet lag – supported inversion

Yoga for jet lag - yoga for stress relief - supported inversion

Yoga For Jet Lag: Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective

This safe and gentle supported inversion allows for a change in perspective as you turn your world upside down. Reverse gravity as you allow the organs to rest, shift lymphatic flow, bring fresh blood back to the heart and brain, improve immune function, foster mental clarity and give the legs and feet a much needed rest. Practice yoga for jet lag to relieve stress from a long day or after a long flight.

While practicing this supported inversion, you are increasing the energy flow of the upper chakra centers. The fifth chakra—the throat chakra, the sixth chakra—the third eye center—and the seventh chakra—the crown chakra—energies open. 

Enhance truthful communication, creative expression and establish the basic rights to speak and be heard as the throat chakra clears. Establish personal identity, develop intuition and the ability to think symbolically as the energies in the third eye center open. Stagnant energies in the crown chakra are released as connections to wisdom, spirituality, higher understanding and the basic rights to know and learn are made while practicing this posture.


  • Place 2 blocks on the highest setting, on the earth about 12 inches apart. Place a bolster horizontally on top of the blocks.
  • Facing the supports, slowly, one leg at a time, drape the legs over the support, resting the backs of the calf muscles on top of the bolster. Slowly and mindfully, lie down on the earth.
  • Head and shoulders rest flat on the earth, with no support under the head.
  • Rest hands on belly or arms by the sides. Turn your palms up for more of an opening in the chest. You can also bring the arms out to a “T,” bringing wrists and shoulders in a line. Feel free to cover up with a blanket, place a blanket on the belly (large rectangle fold) or use an eye pillow.
  • Close the eyes and breathe slowly for 8-10 minutes.
  • Allow the muscles to soften as any tension or stress flows down and out through the crown of the head. The mind clears as the body lets go.
  • To release: inhale and take a full body stretch, reaching from fingertips to toes. On exhale, hug the knees into the chest. Take a few deep breaths in stillness, pressing the low back into the earth. You can also bring the hands on each knee and circle the knees in the same direction to release any remaining tension in the low back.
  • Slowly roll to one side and rest for a few moments, resetting the spine before you come up to seated. Transition slowly.


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