Restorative Yoga For Low Back Tension | Supported Bridge Pose Bent Legs

Yoga for back tension - supported bridge with bent legs

This restorative yoga pose for low back tension counters tension in the low back, especially from sitting all day. It’s beneficial for strengthening the SI (sacroiliac) joint and relieving tension in the sacrum. The pose allows the lower region of the lungs to open, thereby allowing space for deep breaths and release of stagnant air in the lungs. This opening of the ribs and chest also benefits the lungs, stimulating relaxation, thymus gland and immune function.

While practicing this pose, the fourth chakra—the heart chakra—and the fifth chakra—the throat chakra—are energized. Feeling worthy of being loved, loving unconditionally, immune function and ability to form healthy relationships are strengthened as the heart center opens.

Communication skills, speaking one’s truth, creative expression and the ability to be a present listener are traits that are enhanced as the energies in the throat chakra are balanced.

Yoga props to relieve low back tension – supported bridge pose


  • Place a bolster by your side and lie flat on the earth with no support under the head.
  • Bend the knees and rest the feet flat on the earth, hips width apart, toes and heels in a line. Walk the heels back close to the buttocks so ankles are stacked under the knees.
  • Ground the feet down and lift the hips up on inhale. Slide the bolster under the low back/sacrum area and lower the hips back down, resting the low back/sacrum on the bolster. Be sure that the bolster is in a place where you feel supported, making adjustments as needed.
  • If using the bolster is too much stretch, use a blanket (long rectangle fold) under the sacrum/low back.
  • Keep grounding the feet into the earth as you allow the hips and low back to completely rest on the support.
  • Walk the tips of the shoulder blades close together and then let them rest naturally.
  • Open the arms out like wings or rest the arms by your sides. You can even rest the arms overhead for more stretch in the shoulders and lymph glands.
  • Feel free to cover up with a blanket, place a blanket on the belly (large rectangle fold) or use an eye pillow.
  • Breathe deeply into the belly, ribs and chest for 3-5 minutes.
  • To release: ground the feet down and gently lift the hips up to slide the bolster or blanket out. Lengthen the tailbone and slowly lower the hips back down and practice Reclined Knee Hug (both knees) to reset the spine and release the low back. Option: bring the hands on top of each knee and circle the knees around in the same direction.


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