Why I Practice Yoga…

Why I Practice Yoga - Cyndi Roberts Yoga - Hartford, CT
I practice yoga to find my roots, to connect to the gifts and joys of being human, and to shed all that is inconsequential and trivial.

The mad, mad world quiets as my ocean breath guides me inward: teaching, sharing, opening, softening, letting go, surrendering, discovering, soothing, and dispelling illusion.

I become a mindful witness to my precious life, unfolding before me. I practice to relieve stress, release built up tension in my body and mind, and to connect with feeling. I practice to make peace with my past, the present moment and to release the fears of the future.

I practice yoga to manage intense emotion, open to life’s possibilities, and use it as medication to boost my mood and relieve anxiety.

On my mat, I am reminded that a happy, balanced and healthy life is possible, without medication and addiction. On my mat, I am accepted and loved. I remember who I truly am, connected to source, connected to the divine. Each breath heals and transforms.

On my mat, I get to know myself on the deepest level and open to be the best version of myself. I accept myself exactly as I am, as imperfect as I am. With each breath, I connect to what matters most: each moment, each breath a blessing and a gift.

As I journey deep within, I am reminded that I am everything and nothing. On my mat, I live in a world without limitation, discrimination, hardship, problems, pain, or lack. I am free and limitless.

I’m reminded that this precious life is mine to shape, build and work for. I discover my dreams and tune into the wisdom of the universe to guide me home.