Upcoming private virtual Yoga Therapy series

Private Yoga Therapy sessions with Cyndi Roberts

I’m currently conducting research for specific conditions and the effects Yoga Therapy has on alleviating distress (physical, mental-emotional, energetic and spiritual) and pain. I’m offering virtual, private yoga therapy series that focus on making self-care accessible and practical for everyone.

What virtual clients are saying

“After just five custom virtual sessions with Cyndi, there were very notable shifts in my mental state of mind, my physical well-being, and how my body felt overall. My chronic pain was pretty much non-existent.”

– Virtual private therapeutic yoga client with chronic joint pain and anxiety (Cheshire, CT)

“There were so many practices from my custom treatment plan that I found helpful! The most helpful included relaxation poses before bed and the morning stretches in bed. Overall, the plan was so simple, accessible and brilliant.

I’ve noticed a clearer and more joyful start to my days and a more restful end to them. I also noticed mindfulness helps me pause more during the day—I’ve become less reactive to stressors and more able to make different choices when strong sugar cravings and the desire to overeat come. This new awareness with food feels empowering and like I have choice now.”

– Anonymous virtual therapeutic yoga client with sugar addiction, overeating and depression (West Hartford, CT)

“Cyndi is wonderful! I felt relaxed despite having anxiety leading up to the appointment and after, felt rejuvenated. ”

– Virtual private therapeutic yoga client with anxiety, fibromyalgia and depression (New Britain, CT)

Upcoming virtual Therapeutic Yoga series

  • All sessions are scheduled during business hours, Monday-Friday from 9:30-2:30 (last available appointment time is 2:30).
  • We connect via my private Zoom Room in the comfort of our at-home yoga space
  • PLEASE READ and re-read the etiquette section BEFORE our sessions.
  • I will continue to offer Telehealth sessions moving forward, even when my new space opens (coming soon in 2022!)

The series includes:

  • FIVE private, confidential HIPAA-compliant customized therapeutic yoga Telehealth sessions
  • BEFORE OUR FIRST SESSION, you will be asked to complete a confidential, HIPAA-compliant, online intake form
  • SESSION ONE: Intake session (90-120 minutes) to review HIPAA-compliant health form (completed online prior to intake session), discuss goals, concerns and/or questions and conduct in-depth postural, gait and breath assessments
  • SESSION TWO: Follow-up (60 minutes) to discuss findings and create YOUR VERY OWN CUSTOM Therapeutic Yoga treatment plan
  • SESSIONS THREE & FOUR: Follow-ups (60 minutes per session) with check-ins about what’s working, what needs to be changed, results, fine-tuning goals and learning more of YOUR VERY OWN CUSTOM Therapeutic Yoga treatment plan
  • SESSION FIVE: Last follow-up session (60 minutes) reviewing methods learned, sharing feedback about the process and discussing options for moving forward with YOUR custom treatment plan
  • You will ALSO receive hand-outs and audio or video of instruction, if needed
  • This plan is YOURS to keep, practice and support you on your healing journey


    • Please be sure to have a stable internet connection
    • Wear comfortable, solid color clothes
    • Have a solid color wall available
    • Be sure there is plenty of light
    • Have a yoga mat and other props (see recommended list below)
    • Have a clutter-free, pet-free and distraction-free space for our time together
    • Have water nearby if needed
    • Have your calendar to book our next session

    Props that support our time together, and your at-home practice

    To get the maximum benefit of our time together and to get the most wellness out of your therapeutic yoga practice, it is recommended that you have the following props in your sacred and distraction-free at-home space:

    I also recommend high-quality essential oils and genuine crystals to support your practice. Using essential oils and crystals in our healing journeys is as individual as our yoga practices. If you’re interested in using oils and crystals for specific healing, I recommend these trusted colleagues:

        Investment for 5 session series

        • Intake session (1)(90-120 minutes): $110* ($10 savings)
        • Follow-up sessions (4)(60 minutes each): $80 each* ($10 savings each session)

        Payment options

        • Pay in full: $430* due prior to intake session (a secure invoice via Square will be sent via email)
        • Payment plan: $230* due prior to intake session. Then $200 due after the second session (both payments made via secure Square invoices)

        *plus CT sales tax


        Please note: I will be sharing anonymized data from our work together (during the five research sessions) with my colleagues and mentors. Rest assured your name and identity will remain completely confidential and protected under HIPAA compliance laws. At the end of our time together in this series, we can continue our work together by purchasing a five session pack to progress on your goals and customized wellness treatment. Additional sessions will not be shared as part of my research.