Cyndi Roberts Fox CT Mommy Minute with Sarah Cody

Cyndi Roberts on Fox 61 CT's Mommy Minute with Sarah Cody

In this short clip, Fox CT’s Sarah Cody and I discuss how I used yoga and meditation (among other tools) to reclaim my health after a 12 year battle with depression, anxiety and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. Now the mom of a nearly 3 year old, my yoga and meditation practices are more important … Read More

Cyndi Roberts NBC Connecticut – Live With Kerri-Lee Mayland

Cyndi Roberts NBC Connecticut - Live with Kerri-Lee Mayland

The yoga shown in this video is stock footage from NBC and not representative of the yoga that I teach. What I do is not “exercise” yoga. It doesn’t take place in a heated room, in a group class setting and is not strenuous, as depicted in the stock footage here. In this short clip, … Read More

Yoga pose to relieve stress and counter jet lag – supported inversion

Yoga for jet lag - yoga for stress relief - supported inversion

This safe and gentle supported inversion allows for a change in perspective as you turn your world upside down. Reverse gravity as you allow the organs to rest, shift lymphatic flow, bring fresh blood back to the heart and brain, improve immune function, foster mental clarity and give the legs and feet a much needed … Read More

7 Ways to Overcome Incessant Thinking

Incessant thinking gets in the way of enjoying life. It did for me, anyway. But it wasn’t until I became aware of just how busy my mind was that I noticed. Endlessly comparing. Always judging. Replaying the past. Negativity. Worrying about the future. Planning. Negativity. Checking. Beating self-up. Criticizing. Double-checking. Second-guessing. Negativity. Thought after thought … Read More

Yoga Pose To Relieve Menstrual Cramps – Supported Resting Butterfly

Yoga pose to relieve menstrual cramps - supported resting butterfly

This forward fold is a pose of surrender, is very calming to the nervous system, and is a great yoga pose to relieve menstrual cramps. As your stress level lowers, the low back and hips gently stretch away tension and strengthen the energy flow of the legs. This pose is helpful to relieve menstrual cramps, … Read More

Enlightenment: It’s Not What You Think

For most of us awakening and searching for enlightenment, we ultimately realize we are on an emotional journey back to love. We are in the process of unlearning the layers of fear that the world and our loved ones have taught us throughout the decades. Enlightenment is not a place to arrive at, nor is … Read More

Clear Out Shame in The Solar Plexus with This Therapeutic Yoga Pose

Supported Half Moon - Arm Circles

SUPPORTED ½ MOON WITH ARM CIRCLES This restorative side opening position creates space in the hips, low back, intercostal muscles of the ribs and shoulders. The pelvis naturally realigns while tension is eased in the low back. Tension in the side body restricting the diaphragm is cleared, so breathing becomes easier. Lungs are strengthened and … Read More

Bow-Tiger interview about prenatal yoga

Thanks to Bow-Tiger for the recent interview about prenatal yoga. In it, I address some misconceptions about yoga during pregnancy and share how I approach prenatal yoga much differently than your typical group class. The interview is up on their blog, here. Bow-Tiger is a great company whose missions is to make homes safer for … Read More