Dealing with a healing crisis | Healing isn’t linear

Healing isn't linear

So you’re on the path—the path to well-being, inner peace, healing and love. It’s about time you learn about dealing with a healing crisis. For most of us on the spiritual path, we’ve had a major life event that knocked us on our asses. For me, it was facing death. Twice. Now, we all don’t … Read More

Restorative yoga for SI joint pain

Restorative yoga for SI joint pain - pelvic tilts

This restorative yoga for SI joint pain pose—pelvic tilts—when practiced daily, will help you feel better in no time. This four part breath is designed to release the abs and stretch out tension in the low back area. It’s great to practice after abdominal work and daily to stretch the low back and relieve pain. … Read More

Yoga pose to relieve stress and counter jet lag – supported inversion

Yoga for jet lag - yoga for stress relief - supported inversion

This safe and gentle supported inversion allows for a change in perspective as you turn your world upside down. Reverse gravity as you allow the organs to rest, shift lymphatic flow, bring fresh blood back to the heart and brain, improve immune function, foster mental clarity and give the legs and feet a much needed … Read More

Yoga Pose For the Solar Plexus Chakra | Reclined Leg Rest

Therapeutic Yoga - reclined leg rest

A balanced solar plexus means being connected to our true purpose of life Living a life from the power emanating within renews our sense of joy for being alive and having purpose. Reclined leg rest is a great yoga pose for the solar plexus chakra. This pose allows muscle contraction to release and utilizes gravity … Read More

Quick Yoga Sequence For Office Workers

Quick yoga sequence for office workers

Quick Yoga Sequence For Office Workers Are you too busy to get to a yoga class? Feeling stiff and sore from sitting all day? This quick yoga sequence for office workers is super easy and gentle. The full body stretch sequence will get you energized, refreshed and back into balance. To practice: Find a quiet … Read More

Yoga Pose To Lower Blood Pressure | Side Lying Pose

Yoga pose to lower blood pressure - side lying pose

Side Lying Pose is accessible to everyone. It is a soothing and comforting position designed to help with letting go. It is especially useful for those looking to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve fatigue and help soothe digestion upset. It’s ideal and safe for pregnancy at any stage and as an alternative to traditional … Read More

Finding Self-Compassion And Loving Yourself, Exactly Where You Are

Finding Self-Compassion And Loving Yourself, Exactly Where You Are

I hate straddle pose. I harshly judge straddle pose. Well, more accurately, I harshly judge myself in straddle pose. Why? Because my body doesn’t look like the super bendy, flexible teachers that I see demo it or the super bendy yogis in class. My straddle pose looks so different than anyone else’s. My hamstrings are … Read More

Other Yoga Studios Compete On Price. Cyndi Roberts Yoga Competes On Value.

Other Yoga Studios Compete On Price. Cyndi Roberts Yoga Competes On Value.

In these modern times where busyness, rushing around and distraction rule, it’s hard to find the time to be still and reconnect. We’re under siege by interruptions. Yoga is an ancient practice used to journey inward, find inner peace and an increasingly popular way to counter the busyness. But where do we begin when we … Read More

Two Yoga Poses For The Holidays To Ease Your Stress

Destress this holiday season - Supported Reclining Pose

‘Tis the season to be joyous and merry, giving, sharing and in the company of family and dear friends… ‘Tis the season to put others before you and help those less fortunate… ‘Tis the season for a lengthy to-do list, busyness and stress… Don’t forget how important you are This holiday season, remember yourself and … Read More