Healing from adversity success story

Healing from adversity success story

There was a time when I was hopelessly lost in the dark. I was trapped in the despair of depression and the crippling grip of anxiety, with a prescription in my hand as the only thing that was supposed to make me feel better. For 12 long years I believed it was the only option. … Read More

A Simple Breathing Exercise For Anxiety

Simple Breathing Exercise For Axiety

Alternate Nostril Breathing, also known as Nadi Shodana, is a simple breathing exercise (or pranayama) that is helpful for relaxation and balancing the left and right sides of the brain. It creates equal balance in both nostrils, which helps calm the nervous system, easing anxiety. This pranayama helps you ground and center when feeling disconnected. … Read More

VIDEO: Gentle Yoga Stretches To Gently Relieve Low Back Pain

These gentle stretches relieve low back pain, will help reduce swelling & fatigue in the legs, gently stretch open areas of legs, low back & hips, while bringing movement to ankle, knee & hip joints. Do not attempt if you are in 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, have disc disease, slipped disc or serious … Read More

Remembering Why I Practice: Not Giving In To Ego Yoga And Yoga Narcissism

Remembering Why I Practice: Not Giving In To Ego Yoga And Yoga Narcissism

I would pick up a yoga magazine, looking for new information and inspiration. I’d admire the cover model, gracefully posed with the most stylish, trendy outfit and a smile on her face, making it all look so easy. I would flip open the magazine and see mostly women, in colorful, tight clothes, striking super-bendy poses, … Read More

In Order to Heal, We Need to Feel – Healing Through Yoga

We all have the basic right to feel. What we feel defines our path in life and ultimately who we are. Feelings come from our senses, which we use to interpret the world around us. Senses are a gateway between our inner and outer world and give us the necessary data input to our systems. This data allows us to give meaning to our experiences and determines what we feel.

Elephant Journal Blog: Finding Relief In Yoga, Not In Milkshakes

Finding Relief in Yoga, Not in Milkshakes - Cyndi Roberts

This blog was originally published on Elephant Journal on 12.20.13. “Finding Relief in Yoga, Not in Milkshakes” is about one of the many important realizations I had in yoga classes, and how the practice has helped me connect the dots of past decisions and behaviors (and their consequences) and move past them to a healthy, … Read More

Finding God within, not without

Working through the resistance, the dogma, and the fear of finding God not within an organized religion, but within myself Don’t forget to breathe On my mat in twisting crescent lunge, in a room over 90 degrees, my heart racing, my breath frantic, sweat pouring in my eyes and soaking my mat, I heard the … Read More

Mindfulness & Weight Loss – Choosing Thoughts & Food That Nourish

Mindfulness & Weight Loss - Thoughts & Food That Nourish

There were times in my life when I wouldn’t eat to feel hunger instead of physical pain and there were times in my life when I overate to avoid feeling anything at all. Suffering from both extremes, I struggled to develop a healthy relationship to food. With the help of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I … Read More

How To Heal From a Broken Heart

How to heal from a broken heart - forgiveness is for you, not for them.

How does one heal from a broken heart? How does one recover when a trusted friend stabs you in the back or a loved one hurts you so deeply? Forgiveness. Though it’s incredibly difficult, we must step into the other person’s shoes in order to see exactly where they are coming from; this is helpful … Read More