Quick Yoga Sequence For Office Workers

Quick yoga sequence for office workers

Quick Yoga Sequence For Office Workers Are you too busy to get to a yoga class? Feeling stiff and sore from sitting all day? This quick yoga sequence for office workers is super easy and gentle. The full body stretch sequence will get you energized, refreshed and back into balance. To practice: Find a quiet … Read More

New private yoga studio in Hartford for Cyndi Roberts Yoga

Cyndi Roberts Yoga - private one-on-one therapeutic, gentle and restorative yoga - Hartford, CT

The last few months have been busy! In addition to learning how to be a new mom and generally getting back in the swing of things after my maternity leave, I’ve been putting my time and energy into making a new and exciting move that I’m thrilled to announce today! Today is my first day … Read More

VIDEO: Gentle Yoga Stretches To Gently Relieve Low Back Pain

These gentle stretches relieve low back pain, will help reduce swelling & fatigue in the legs, gently stretch open areas of legs, low back & hips, while bringing movement to ankle, knee & hip joints. Do not attempt if you are in 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, have disc disease, slipped disc or serious … Read More