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Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy And Birth - free mp3 download

Pregnant bodies know how to labor and deliver the baby; it’s the mind that can tell you otherwise.

When I was pregnant, along with daily meditation, practicing positive pregnancy and birth affirmations was an instrumental part in setting myself up to be fully present for labor and for birthing my son naturally.

Practicing positive pregnancy and birth affirmations made me feel calm and gave me peace of mind during my pregnancy.

It also helped silence fearful thinking and allowed me to trust my body and the process of birth. It allowed me to focus the mind on positivity rather than fear for the unknown possibilities and outcome of labor and delivery.

According to Ina May (one of the nation’s top midwives) fear slows down labor, which is why it was important to work through fear during pregnancy and shift those fearful thoughts to positivity and confidence.

Practicing positive birth affirmations and focusing the mind will give you clarity when working through fear that comes up around labor and delivery.

Presence instead of fear

When a woman goes through labor with presence rather than fear, labor moves at the speed nature intended it to, making it a more manageable process.

Taking labor one moment at a time with love and excitement makes the process of birth a loving way for baby to enter the world.

Positive birth affirmations FREE mp3 download

I took some time to record the positive birth affirmations that worked for me during my pregnancy, and offer them up as a free download for all mothers-to-be. This FREE MP3 download can be conveniently stored on your phone so any time you notice that fear has come up, you can play your positive affirmations.

Regardless of whether you are planning a natural birth or medicated birth, affirmations for pregnancy and birth will help you focus your mind and feel better, get you in a positive mindset for when baby is ready to meet you, and will start to create a safe and calm home for baby right now.

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Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy And Birth