Positive affirmation mantra: I am a balanced and compassionate person

Positive affirmation mantra: I am a balanced and compassionate person

Week three from my online yoga course for stress relief works with this mantra:

“I am a balanced and compassionate person.”

In week three, we work with the idea of finding balance in life and practicing compassion not only for others, but also ourselves.

Balance is an ever-changing thing and what works one day may not work the next. We learn how to go with the ups and downs of life, embracing each moment as it comes with awareness and compassion.

Using affirmations like the one above is a powerful way to shift the mindset from stress to ease, creating new habits of peace in mind, body and spirit.

Stress: creating suffering without solution

Stress manifests in so many different forms. A stress reaction occurs as a response to what we are witnessing in our reality. We often become so heavily focused on the situation at hand, especially when we see it as a “problem.”

Our thoughts replay the problem over and over, creating suffering without solution.

When the mind is focused on the problem, we cannot receive the solution.

The mind becomes trapped in the circular and repetitive thoughts of what is “wrong,” making us feel worse, exhausted and more stressed.

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