Mindfulness & Weight Loss – Choosing Thoughts & Food That Nourish

Mindfulness & Weight Loss - Thoughts & Food That Nourish

Mindfulness & Weight Loss

There were times in my life when I wouldn’t eat to feel hunger instead of physical pain and there were times in my life when I overate to avoid feeling anything at all. Suffering from both extremes, I struggled to develop a healthy relationship to food. With the help of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I realized that unresolved emotions and feeling out of control led me to find comfort in food and control the one thing I could—what I did or didn’t eat.

Because I lived so disconnected from my body—believing I was only my mind—I was unable to tune into what my body was really hungry for. I never truly nourished myself with food, nor was I ever taught proper nutrition or why we eat at all.

By once again examining my thinking, specifically about food, I was able to break down old belief patterns and connect to what I was truly hungry for. Instead of using food to cope with the stresses of life, I discovered the root issues and put a stop to emotional eating and self-sabotage. I discovered my personal tendencies to turn to food that were unhealthy for me in times of stress and crisis and realized yoga was a healthier way for me to cope.

Food as fuel for a happier, healthier life

Instead of using food to destroy myself, I began using it to fuel me and live much healthier and happier.

Practicing power yoga and working out were the ways I worked my physical body to lose the excess weight I gained from medication and emotional eating.

Changing my relationship with food, once and for all

Examining my issues through self-discovery allowed me to once and for all change my relationship to food. This new relationship to food saved my life. Eating for nourishment not only assisted in my weight loss but also assisted in the rejuvenation of my cells and organs. Food had become medicine to heal a very badly damaged and toxic body. I also learned that food plays a major role in my moods.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”Ann Wigmore

Gluten, processed foods, fast foods, fatty foods, foods high in sodium, high fructose corn syrup and refined cane sugar are extremely difficult for the human body to digest and cause not only issues for the body but for the mind as well. Processed cane sugar causes the blood sugar level to spike and crash, resulting in low moods, sadness and depression. Limiting and cutting out refined sugar not only keeps the pounds off, but also it keeps blood sugar and the mood stable. It has been my personal experience that this is true.

You are what you eat

Mindfulness has taught me to pay close attention to the ingredients that are in my food, how all foods make me feel and what I put in my body. I take great joy and great care when I choose and prepare my food. Eating has become a meditation and another way to practice self-care. I now know if I’m hungry, what I’m hungry for, or if I’m eating out of boredom, habit, or stress. By paying attention and slowing down, I find I am less likely to overeat.

It took facing my mortality to get me to examine my unhealthy relationship to food. I share my knowledge and experience with others so they don’t have to hit their painful rock bottom before making a change.

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