Living beyond your circumstances is true freedom

Living beyond circumstances - presence is my superpower

Being in the present moment is like my super power. At times, it seems the universe shows me things that were meant just for me.

I see so much beauty and magic in nature like these thousands of crows roosting, taking off in flight with the light of the moon guiding their path.

Being able to see, feel and relish the magic of this moment was true joy and connection. My breath was taken away and I knew how blessed and loved I really am. You wouldn’t believe how big the smile on my face was as I was filming. A stranger came over and started talking to me about it. Though I wanted to film more, I stopped and talked with him as the blanket of crows flew overhead and we both enjoyed the wonder of the moment together.

I came alive knowing another human was present with me for that experience. Presence shows me the truth that is God’s love. I am so appreciative of this super power and the grace hidden within each moment.

Living beyond circumstances is true freedom.

Taking the time to simply “be” and connect to what is, is magic.