Chaos And Suffering Are Necessary For A Peaceful Life

Chaos and Suffering are necessary for a peaceful life

It seems that there’s a diagnosis for everything these days.

When it comes to physical aliments and injuries, it’s an intelligent way to aid the healing process. But when it comes to the mind, it may be doing more harm than good. Everyday emotions have turned into diagnoses that correspond with medication. The list of mix and match prescriptions grows bigger each day as Big Pharma attempts to inflate their bottom line.

No longer are doctors suggesting exercise, interest in hobbies, the arts or music, or changes in diet, to improve mood. We have our five-minute appointment to list off our “symptoms,” get our prescription and go on our way to the pharmacy. The more time we spend feeding medication to children and ourselves, the more we see that some medications for the mind, created to ease pain, are actually creating more pain.

Emotions grow more intense, get covered over by numbing medications, and persist. Intense emotions, violence and suicide are on the rise, spiraling out of control. Suppressed emotions come at us full force and create intense suffering, blinding us to the blessings and miracle of life. It’s clear the nature of suffering, addiction and normal emotions have been discounted as viable reasons for feeling emotional pain.

“The United Sates is five percent of the world’s population but consumes more that fifty percent of the world’s pharmaceuticals and eighty percent of prescription narcotics.”Source: documentary American Addict, 2013

We are a nation conditioned to take a pill to feel better

We are a nation conditioned to take a pill to feel better, when what we really need is to address and take responsibility for our emotional state and addictive nature. Discovering the source of our suffering is the only thing that can liberate us from our self-created hell.

We are a nation of overprescribed people desperate to ease our pain. We turn to the professionals for help and they load us with pills. As someone who has lived addicted and prisoner to her mind, my recovery has taught me that there is another way. When I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffering from depression and anxiety, I was constantly given one more pill…one more pill…one more pill…Older name brands were phased out and I’d be given the latest “revolutionary” new drug to try.

My Western doctors never once suggested meditation, yoga, and exercise. He never looked at my diet or properly assessed my thyroid function.

Since my recovery and getting completely off medications four years ago, I have realized that managing my mood and pain is possible without medication.

Recently, I was at the emergency room for intense stomach pain. I normally don’t overreact, but was in enough pain to get it looked at, worried that it could be appendicitis. As I spoke with the nurse in the first ten minutes of the appointment, I was offered a pain pill. In my past life, when I was addicted to pain killers, I would have said YES. But this time, I didn’t want it. I didn’t want the chemicals in my system that I had worked so hard to get rid of, nor did I want the chance to become addicted again.

Upon my discharge, I was asked again if I wanted a prescription for pain pills. I declined once again. Then the next day, I got a follow-up call and believe it or not, the nurse asked a third time if I wanted pain pills.

I was appalled at not only how willing doctors were to prescribe something for me, even when it was clear I didn’t need or want it. Doctors are trained to unnecessarily prescribe pills for people instead of actually guiding them back to health. The dangers of pain pills are well known and the dangers of psych drugs are now coming to light, as the epidemic grows rampant.

Violence and suffering is woven into our very essence.

It’s what we came from and how we evolved. Our universe was created from violence, chaos and suffering. A massive explosion and collapse of energy and matter has raged on over the course of fourteen billion years. The planets in our solar system formed from particles coming together via gravity, combined with intense heat, forming solid and gaseous planets. Planets finally took shape after suffering collision after collision from comets and other large objects. Galaxies collide, stars explode, and clouds collapse in the chaotic and fiery nature of the universe. That violence and suffering is woven into our very essence; it’s what we came from and how we evolved. It’s the very thing that keeps the universe growing and changing into the next best version of itself.

Just like the universe, we too need that suffering and chaos

Just like the universe, we too need that suffering and chaos to grow and become better versions of ourselves.

Our emotions ebb and flow, clueing us in to the nature of our life experience. They are a way for us to navigate through the challenges of life. Covering up those emotions with certain medications for misdiagnosed mood disorders holds us back and suppresses the natural flow of consciousness and transformation necessary to live a peaceful and happy life.

What conflict and chaos can teach us

Conflict and chaos are a chance for us to discover what we want and don’t want out of life.

Certain medications can help those truly in need and predisposed to genetic and mental illnesses. However, in our modern day society, it seems most people are over-diagnosed and steered toward taking medications that they don’t need, which simply create more problems than solutions, and more profits for Big Pharma.

Without the normal ups and downs of life, we become addicts, hopelessly wandering through life, not feeling and not moving forward, stuck in the same miserable cycle of suffering. We become filled with fear of who we really are, fearful of others and feel we need to believe the diagnosis and the doctors as our only chance for a “normal” life. Prisoners of the system, we become part of the herd, contributing to the profits and growth of Big Pharma, as we ignore what we naturally feel, stunting our own personal growth and happiness as we wander through life on autopilot.

There are alternatives to pills. Humans have lived amazing, healthy lives without pills, for centuries. As a nation, we grow ever sicker and deal with more suffering, illness and chronic disease. Going against the grain and thinking for ourselves may be scary, but it is necessary. Each of us has the potential to live a happy life without the “help” of Big Pharma.

What we truly need

What we truly need to feel joy lies within each of us, not in the latest pill advertised as the “cure” for non-specific “symptoms” and made-up diagnoses.

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