Life Is Simple & Easy – My Mindfulness Mantra For The Week

Life is simple and easy.

I practice this mindfulness mantra on my mat, during my daily meditation, while I wash dishes, transition between clients and as I put my son to sleep.

I’m always focusing my mind and filling it with positivity, especially when I want to react to uncomfortable and undesirable conditions around me. I always feel better when I focus on the gifts and blessings in life.

Sure, there are clouds in life, but there are rainbows too. I’m going to focus on the rainbows. That’s my practice.

My practice isn’t just on my mat either, my practice is being a witness in each moment. I combine breath and movement, mindfulness, meditation and compassion during all of my moments. The more I practice, the more benefits I see as the negativity, depression and anxiety I once lived with on a daily basis dissolve.

My commitment to my health and my practice calm my reactiveness in life and keep me far from that place of despair and hopelessness. I breathe and focus my mind. I practice each moment to come back to my true self and love the very best I can.