What to expect when you work with me

Private therapeutic yoga sessions with Cyndi Roberts

If you’re thinking about booking a private yoga session with me, here are some things you should know:


        • Please be sure to have a stable internet connection
        • Wear comfortable, solid color clothes
        • Have a solid color wall available
        • Be sure there is plenty of light
        • Have a yoga mat and other props (see recommended list below)
        • Have a clutter-free, pet-free and distraction-free space for our time together
        • Have water nearby if needed
        • Have your calendar to book our next session

        Initial private therapeutic yoga intake session

        Intake session (90-120 minutes)
        Includes, but not limited to:

        • Review of confidential, secure, HIPAA-compliant health intake form
        • Review why you have come to work with me and wellness concerns
        • Discuss goals for our time together that work best for your busy schedule, needs and goals
        • Standing posture and walking (gait) assessments
        • Breath assessment

        First followup private online therapeutic yoga session

        First follow-up session (60 minutes)
        At least 5 follow-up sessions are recommended to start
        Our first followup session includes but is not limited to:

        • Co-creating a custom therapeutic yoga treatment plan that works on your goals and schedule
        • Movement assessment
        • Introduction of custom relaxation methods
        • Learning and practicing (custom) introductory methods in our co-created therapeutic treatment plan
        • Develop a plan of practice between our time together
        • Take-aways (including hand-outs, audio and video aids where applicable)
        • Schedule next session(s)

        Second and continued follow-up session(s)

        Second and continued follow-up sessions (60 minutes)
        Our second and continued followup sessions include but are not limited to:

        • Check-in of your custom at-home practice
        • Adjustment (if needed) to customize plan and/or learn and practice more personalized methods
        • Customized meditation, mindfulness and movement methods
        • Stress reduction and relaxation practices

        Cyndi Roberts Yoga Telehealth sessions

        • We connect via my private Zoom Room in the comfort of our at-home yoga spaces
        • Please read and re-read the etiquette section before your sessions.
        • Each session is private and confidential
        • I will continue to offer Telehealth sessions moving forward, even when my new space opens (coming soon!)

        Props to support your practice

        To get the maximum benefit of our time together and to get the most wellness out of your therapeutic yoga practice, it is recommended that you have the following props in your sacred and distraction-free at-home space:

        I also recommend high-quality essential oils and genuine crystals to support your practice. Using essential oils and crystals in our healing journeys is as individual as our yoga practices. If you’re interested in using oils and crystals for specific healing, I recommend these trusted colleagues: