One-on-one Therapeutic Yoga

Reduce stress, relieve chronic pain, balance emotions and more

In one-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions with me, you’ll learn how to bring the body back into its natural balance and heal from within.

Take charge of your health and create lasting change in your life.

Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga

  • Safe for hip and knee replacements and past surgeries (including: shoulder, spine, cesarean, abdominal, leg or foot surgery)
  • Safe for pregnancy and post-delivery recovery
  • Relaxation encourages healing and replenishes the natural energy reserve
  • Balance is restored, bringing the body back to its natural state of ease—where healing occurs
  • Gently and effectively stretches tight or restricted muscles—improving mobility and relieving aches and pains
  • Guided meditations and breathwork help focus the mind to relieve incessant thinking and worry
  • Strengthens connection to self, intuition and inner being, encouraging spiritual development
  • Develops and strengthens mind-body connection
  • Deep relaxation relieves anxiety and chronic stress
  • Improves overall health and well-being, eases depression and boosts mood
  • Deep breathing improves lung, circulatory, digestion and immune functions
  • Mindfulness gives you the ability to better deal with the intensity of life
  • Self-care encourages self-compassion and love
  • Develops vitality, health, strength, and flexibility in body and mind
  • Improves joint and bone health

My book

Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health offers proven and easy to follow yoga instruction to relieve pain in the back and hips naturally—without drugs or surgery!

About therapeutic yoga instruction

One-on-one yoga instruction can be more easily catered to fit your schedule. Doesn’t it seem silly to rush to get to a place where you’re supposed to relax?

Your sessions with me can include a range of styles, including beginner, gentle, yin, restorative, therapeutic or prenatal yoga. What we work on together depends entirely on your specific needs.

I also teach a variety of meditation styles, to give you the freedom to choose what’s right for you and what will be of most benefit for your individual practice. Don’t forget — yoga practice should be as individual as you are. One-on-one lessons can be the perfect way to discover exactly what your body needs.

One-on-one sessions will help you with proper alignment, more strength, increased flexibility, assisted healing from injury or illness and stress relief. Sessions can also be helpful if you’re pregnant, working with injuries, or recovering from illness, and can be customized to concentrate on any health concerns or physical limitations you may have.


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