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“Your session was amazing! I saw heads nodding during your entire presentation and the mindfulness and gentle yoga practice added such a unique value to our event for our patients. The self-care portion and reminder to honor their limitations is something that really resonated with them. You exceeded our expectations!”Event Coordinator

Sample topics:

  • On the brink of death, I discovered life

    Overcoming adversity – my personal healing journey and how mindfulness, movement and meditation saved my life. Learn how I developed my intuition to heal my body, mind and spirit

  • What people think of you is none of your business

    Developing and using emotional intelligence to stop people-pleasing and worrying about what other people think of you

  • Mindfulness meditation

    Information, potential health benefits and guided practice

  • You are not your thoughts

    Learn how to master your mind with different styles of meditation, potential benefits and guided practice

  • Develop intuition, mind-body connection and a self-care routine

    Learn why it’s important to listen to and trust your body. Discover the potential benefits and learn guided practices to strengthen these connections

  • Present moment awareness

    Discover the power of the present moment and its ability to transform pain and suffering into acceptance and peace. Learn potential benefits and a guided practice

  • Spirituality in the modern world

    Apply ancient ideas, practices and techniques to modern day challenges and experiences. Learn how and why these practices are still powerful transformational tools thousands of years later

  • Breath work (pranayama)

    Learn the importance of controlling the breath, its effects on the body and nervous system, potential benefits and a guided practice

  • Fight-or-flight mode vs. the relaxation response

    Understand the stress response in the body and how nature provided us with a natural remedy; the relaxation response. Learn how to turn it on, potential benefits and guided practice

  • Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health

    Book information session, which may also include a gentle yoga sequence from the book and complementary copies of Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health

Recent speaking/teaching event

I recently spoke about my healing journey and life with chronic illness at a conference in San Antonio, TX for elderly patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). At the event, I also led a mindfulness meditation and modified gentle yoga session.

Here’s what the participants had to say:



    “This was a quite informative and different approach to relaxation and any breathing exercise advice is MOST helpful and appreciated.”


    “Self-care is vital to everyone, with or without IPF. I enjoyed the breathing and stretching exercises and will most certainly continue them. They are very relaxing and


    “The exercises were so simple and manageable to do and so beneficial. I will try at home.”


    “Self-care has become such an important part of my life at this time. As parents, we always think of our children first, but now it’s time to take care of myself in order to be
    around for those I love in my life.”


    “I have been around these techniques for a long time but never participated. I should have sooner.”


    “The breathing and stretching exercises are something I do throughout the days and nights. A little more in a different manner [like in today’s session] is great!”

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