Clear The Air – The Importance of Himalayan Salt Lamps & Candles

The importance of Himalayan salt candles to clear the air

We live in a world with both positive and negative ions. Negative ions occur in nature. They’re created by sunlight, waterfalls, ocean waves and lightning storms. Positive ions are most frequently created from electronic devices like computers, TVs, microwaves, washing machines and even the vacuum cleaner. We’re bombarded by these conveniences every day of our lives, and believe it or not, they can often make allergies, stress and insomnia worse. Nature can help to alleviate these issues.

The combination of salt and heat, whether it’s from a salt lamp or salt candle, creates negative ions. These negative ions not only neutralize the electromagnetic pollution but also reduce positive charges that are carried by airborne mold, bacteria and other allergens. This refreshes the air you breathe, and can help boost immune function as well.

You’ll always find the beautiful glow of Himalayan salt candles in my private, one-on-one West Hartford yoga studio. I have found that they’re the perfect accompaniment for a gentle, restorative therapeutic or prenatal yoga practice. They contribute to the serene environment, boosting mood, improving concentration, reducing stress and helping you leave my studio feeling refreshed and renewed.

Himalayan Salt Candles