Enlightenment: It’s Not What You Think

For most of us awakening and searching for enlightenment, we ultimately realize we are on an emotional journey back to love.

We are in the process of unlearning the layers of fear that the world and our loved ones have taught us throughout the decades.

Enlightenment is not a place to arrive at, nor is it something to attain.

Enlightenment is a state of being present with what is and letting things be and letting things flow. In this state of ultimate presence and awareness, we see life like a mirror. Reflections pass by. The mirror never holds on to what it sees. Those reflections have a chance to teach us what needs to be nurtured and unlearned within ourselves.

We may see things in others that we don’t like. When we judge others, we judge ourselves.

We discover that what we don’t like in others is really a reflection of what we don’t like in ourselves. When we are hard on others, we are actually hard on ourselves.

When we are in a state of ease and presence and witnessing, we truly connect to the divine within. The delusions of the thinking mind and egoic state of being bring us suffering. We unlearn the ways of suffering and return back to love and bliss.

Fortunately heaven is here in the present moment. We can feel our way to it through being. One present moment at a time, we become enlightened.