Cyndi Roberts NBC Connecticut – Live With Kerri-Lee Mayland

Cyndi Roberts NBC Connecticut - Live with Kerri-Lee Mayland

Cyndi Roberts NBC Connecticut – Live With Kerri-Lee Mayland – yoga transformation story

Important note about this footage

The yoga shown in this video is stock footage from NBC and not representative of the yoga that I teach. What I do is not “exercise” yoga. It doesn’t take place in a heated room, in a group class setting and is not strenuous, as depicted in the stock footage here.

In this short clip, NBC Connecticut’s Kerri-Lee Mayland and I discuss my journey back to health, after a 12 year battle with depression, anxiety and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. Yoga was among the tools I used to reclaim my personal power and realize that my health was in MY hands – no one else’s.

It was such an honor to have this conversation with Kerri-Lee and be able to tell my story… and my sincerest hope is that it reached people out there that needed to hear exactly this today. That there is hope. There is another way. Don’t give away your power—you are in control of your health. Only you.

If I can take back control of my life and live the life of my dreams, so can you!

I exclusively teach one-on-one, and the unique blend of yoga I have developed is a mix of therapeutic, gentle and restorative yoga. Those practices are interwoven with my lived experience, intuitive wellness, thousands of hours of study and teaching, meditation, reiki, anatomical knowledge, spirituality, sound therapy and aromatherapy.

For a more accurate picture of the type of holistic wellness you’ll learn from me, I invite you to check out the following:

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