Cyndi Roberts NBC CT Live! with Taylor Kinzler and Jimmy Marlow

Cyndi Roberts NBC CT Live! with Taylor Kinzler and Jimmy Marlow

I was honored to be featured on NBC Connecticut’s popular show CT Live! recently, discussing therapeutic yoga and how my practices are so instrumental in living with and finding relief from chronic illness. I teach one-on-one therapeutic, gentle, restorative and prenatal yoga sessions out of my private studio conveniently located at 91 South Main Street … Read More

Castor oil packs for scar tissue | Abdominal surgery scar tissue

castor oil packs for scar tissue

DISCLAIMER: The insights in this blog were made from thousands of hours of self-discovery, body work, study and conversations. It is based on my personal experience and history. I wrote this blog to share these insights in hopes of helping others find relief. I have found significant physical and emotional healing from using castor oil … Read More

Living beyond your circumstances is true freedom

Living beyond circumstances - presence is my superpower

Being in the present moment is like my super power. At times, it seems the universe shows me things that were meant just for me. I see so much beauty and magic in nature like these thousands of crows roosting, taking off in flight with the light of the moon guiding their path.

Using mindfulness to really see a sunset

Using mindfulness to really see a sunset

I stood outside, felt the cold November air and marveled at this sky last night. I felt it. I saw it. I became it. In those moments, I wasn’t witnessing the sunset through my thoughts and judgments—I witnessed it through mindful awareness and presence. I witnessed it with silence and stillness. And for that, I … Read More

Clarity about what makes a successful life

Finding peace in the present moment - Cyndi Roberts - West Hartford

I took a half day off earlier in the week and hiked up to Talcott Mountain. It felt so good to be outside, to feel the cold air and be among the beauty of the fall season. I felt my feet on the ground, the breath in my lungs, the beating of my heart and … Read More

Restorative Yoga For Low Back Tension | Supported Bridge Pose Bent Legs

Yoga for back tension - supported bridge with bent legs

This restorative yoga pose for low back tension counters tension in the low back, especially from sitting all day. It’s beneficial for strengthening the SI (sacroiliac) joint and relieving tension in the sacrum. The pose allows the lower region of the lungs to open, thereby allowing space for deep breaths and release of stagnant air … Read More

Bow-Tiger interview about prenatal yoga

Thanks to Bow-Tiger for the recent interview about prenatal yoga. In it, I address some misconceptions about yoga during pregnancy and share how I approach prenatal yoga much differently than your typical group class. The interview is up on their blog, here. Bow-Tiger is a great company whose missions is to make homes safer for … Read More