Why I Practice Yoga…

Why I Practice Yoga - Cyndi Roberts Yoga - Hartford, CT

I practice yoga to find my roots, to connect to the gifts and joys of being human, and to shed all that is inconsequential and trivial. The mad, mad world quiets as my ocean breath guides me inward: teaching, sharing, opening, softening, letting go, surrendering, discovering, soothing, and dispelling illusion. I become a mindful witness … Read More

In Order to Heal, We Need to Feel – Healing Through Yoga

We all have the basic right to feel. What we feel defines our path in life and ultimately who we are. Feelings come from our senses, which we use to interpret the world around us. Senses are a gateway between our inner and outer world and give us the necessary data input to our systems. This data allows us to give meaning to our experiences and determines what we feel.

Elephant Journal Blog: Finding Relief In Yoga, Not In Milkshakes

Finding Relief in Yoga, Not in Milkshakes - Cyndi Roberts

This blog was originally published on Elephant Journal on 12.20.13. “Finding Relief in Yoga, Not in Milkshakes” is about one of the many important realizations I had in yoga classes, and how the practice has helped me connect the dots of past decisions and behaviors (and their consequences) and move past them to a healthy, … Read More

Truly Celebrate This Holiday Season, Without Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

Turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, ham, apple pie, warm kitchens, fireplaces glowing, eggnog, hot chocolate, decorations, lights, music, concerts, friends, laughter, children playing, families united, parties, gatherings, shopping, gifts, planning, to-do lists, over-eating, indigestion, agitation, not-enough-time-in-the-day, stress, holidays, stress, budget, stress, go here, stress, go there, buy this, get that, more, do … Read More


I am drawn to the stillness in nature and drawn to the majesty of the woods, where the chill of the wind blows through my bones and sweeps up the remaining fallen leaves. I am drawn to the warmth of the sun on my face, as the songs of the birds echoes through my ears … Read More

Finding God within, not without

Working through the resistance, the dogma, and the fear of finding God not within an organized religion, but within myself Don’t forget to breathe On my mat in twisting crescent lunge, in a room over 90 degrees, my heart racing, my breath frantic, sweat pouring in my eyes and soaking my mat, I heard the … Read More