Life Is Simple & Easy – My Mindfulness Mantra For The Week

Life is simple and easy. I practice this mindfulness mantra on my mat, during my daily meditation, while I wash dishes, transition between clients and as I put my son to sleep. I’m always focusing my mind and filling it with positivity, especially when I want to react to uncomfortable and undesirable conditions around me. … Read More

How A Nightmare Helped Me Uncover What Matters Most In Life

My eyes opened widely as the light of day and smiling face of my son greeted me. I closed my eyes for a moment, then re-opened them, getting my bearings. I wasn’t sure where I was. Was I home or still in my dream? This dream had been so vivid and so terrifying, I couldn’t … Read More

What Would Your Life Look Like Without A Mobile Device?

Ahh, the beach and my little man! Vacations are such a gift, but I’m always happy to arrive home. As I reflect while unpacking, I feel nothing but gratitude for the tremendous insights gained this past week, looking inward by the ocean. Prior to our trip, I fortunately remembered to pack (and over-pack) everything for … Read More

Want To Change Your Life? Get Uncomfortable Now!

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison That couldn’t be more true, if you ask me. I believe the opportunity he was talking about was growth; growth in our lives, whether it’s personal, interpersonal, professional, romantic, physical or spiritual. Growth is what keeps us … Read More

Two Natural Ways To Ease Depression And Reduce Anxiety

Two Natural Ways To Ease Depression And Reduce Anxiety

The hard truth is that it didn’t happen overnight, and I didn’t ease anxiety in the blink of an eye. It took many moments of hard work and presence to move forward. The more I practiced, the more I realized that I wouldn’t even talk to a stranger as cruelly as I talked to myself.

Elephant Journal Blog: Finding Freedom From The Pain Of Rejection

Elephant Journal Blog: Finding Freedom From The Pain Of Rejection

finding freedom from the pain of rejection: guest blog on Elephant Journal This blog was originally published on Elephant Journal on 01.29.14. A question: When I feel rejected and as though someone is treating me like dirt, does it serve me to take it personally or to let it go? Well, of course, I know … Read More

How To Experience Your Life With Present Moment Awareness

Experience your life with present moment awareness

I’m so in love with my life and feel such gratitude for each breath. I can’t believe there ever were times when I was suicidally depressed and tried to end it all. I’ve come so far from that place to where I am now. How did I get from there to here? I made a … Read More

Chaos And Suffering Are Necessary For A Peaceful Life

Chaos and Suffering are necessary for a peaceful life

When it comes to physical aliments and injuries, it’s an intelligent way to aid the healing process. But when it comes to the mind, it may be doing more harm than good. Everyday emotions have turned into diagnoses that correspond with medication. The list of mix and match prescriptions grows bigger each day as Big … Read More

Remembering Why I Practice: Not Giving In To Ego Yoga And Yoga Narcissism

Remembering Why I Practice: Not Giving In To Ego Yoga And Yoga Narcissism

I would pick up a yoga magazine, looking for new information and inspiration. I’d admire the cover model, gracefully posed with the most stylish, trendy outfit and a smile on her face, making it all look so easy. I would flip open the magazine and see mostly women, in colorful, tight clothes, striking super-bendy poses, … Read More