Yoga for chronic illness

Hi, I'm Cyndi. I'm a yoga therapist, author and motivational speaker that has used therapeutic yoga, meditation, pranayama, spirituality and nutrition to save my life—twice.

I work with modern women leading active lives that live with chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia, Covid-19, Epstein-Barr virus, mononucleosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme Disease and chronic stress. I teach methods and practices that relieve pain, reduce stress, build inner resources and outer strength naturally—without drugs or surgery!


Toward your greatest good

Not only do I have over a decade of experience teaching one-on-one therapeutic yoga, I also have the experience of living with and managing a chronic illness that has no cure.

When you work with me, we'll co-create a customized therapeutic yoga plan that addresses the anxiety, depression and grief that accompanies life with chronic illness. We’ll explore how to connect inward when you’re experiencing pain, how to handle flareups, chronic symptoms and chronic fatigue, effective relaxation methods, sleep disturbances, how to manage life when life just feels like too much and so much more.

Together, we'll find therapeutic yoga methods and techniques that work for your schedule, address your personal wellness goals and complement your current primary health care treatment(s).

Health and happiness are an inside job

Therapeutic yoga methods and practices are about developing a connection to all layers of your being—physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual—through expansion of your self-awareness.

Through practice, we cultivate acceptance of what is and feel empowered by it. We build strength to break through old patterns and past conditioning and learn from our obstacles as sacred messengers sent to direct us towards our greatest good.

By connecting inward, deeply, to your true self, you will find that everything you need to reach your wellness goals is already within you.

“After just five custom virtual sessions with Cyndi, there were very notable shifts in my mental state of mind, my physical well-being, and how my body felt overall. My chronic pain was pretty much non-existent.”

- Virtual private therapeutic yoga client with chronic joint pain and anxiety

Cheshire, CT

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How I can help

Yoga props for online sessions

Online yoga therapy sessions

I teach one-on-one therapeutic yoga Telehealth sessions. Together, we’ll focus on your wellness and bring balance to your life, using mindfulness, movement and meditation. Master the mind. Relax the body. Increase vitality.
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Yoga therapy blog by Cyndi Roberts

Blog: insights for the body, mind and soul

These writings are collections of insights and experiential knowledge gained from my ongoing spiritual practice. I'm honored to teach and forever a student—always learning, practicing, questioning, evolving and seeking the truth.
Instructional yoga books by Cyndi Roberts

Instructional yoga books

My books contain accessible practices for every body at any age or stage in life. They include restorative and gentle yoga postures, breathing exercises, guided meditations and more. They're also comprehensive resources for yoga instructors.