Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief - 4 week online e-course - Cyndi Roberts

Learn everything you need to know to relieve stress in your life

Make lasting changes in your life—even if you’re short on time, don’t know where to begin, or are completely overwhelmed

Learn how

Everything you need to know to relieve stress in your life


Make lasting changes in your life—even if you’re short on time, don’t know where to begin, or are completely overwhelmed


A 4 week online gentle yoga course

Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief


Shift your relationship with stress and learn to deal with those curveballs life throws at you with presence and ease.

Are you easily irritated and resistant to changes in life?
Does balancing work, home and family feel unmanagable?
Do you have a seemingly endless to-do list?
Do you have unexplained aches and pains?
Do you feel like you have no time for things you enjoy?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you’re in the right place. Unclench your jaw, release your tongue from the roof of your mouth, and keep reading.

What if I told you I know exactly how you feel and that there is a simple solution? It’s not one major thing that you can do or buy and it’s not a quick fix. It’s a small series of everyday habits you can easily form to rebuild confidence, connect to unshakable peace and to the unlimited energy reserve within you.



of the Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief online course

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    Hit the pause button on your hectic life

    and learn how to develop a simple self-care routine that you can stick to

  • Connector.

    Not all yoga is a workout

    learn gentle and restorative yoga postures that will help you let go of the go-go-go of life

  • Connector.

    Avoid injury

    with safe and appropriate instruction with plenty of modifications and an emphasis on proper alignment

  • Connector.

    The power of conscious breath

    to calm the nervous system

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    Stretch out and let go

    of the everyday tension of life, so you won’t feel tired and sore all the time

  • Connector.

    How to identify stressors in your life

    bring awareness to them, and shift your focus

  • Connector.

    Let go of past hurts

    and old mind patterns that are causing you suffering, stress, and holding you back in life

  • Connector.

    Learn how to meditate

    to control your mind, instead of letting it control you

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Lifetime access

to the Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief online course includes:

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    5½ hours of yoga instruction

    4 YOGA CLASSES: 2-75 and 2-90 minute original gentle and restorative yoga sequences (HD video) to practice when it works for your schedule. Watch sample videos »

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    Guided Meditations

    Techniques to focus the mind during each of the yoga practices

  • Connector.

    4 Pranayamas (breathing exercises)

    Tools to turn on the relaxation response. Available as mp3 audio

  • Connector.

    4 Mantras

    Learn to tell a new story of ease. Shift ingrained stressful thinking patterns with mantras that match the theme for each week


Lifetime access: $29

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from Gentle Yoga For Stress Relief online course


FROM Week 1

Neck Stretch

FROM Week 2

Reclined Hip Openers

FROM Week 3

Supported Reclining Pose

FROM Week 4

Supported Twist

…and that’s not all

You will learn these additional techniques
to release old patterns of chronic stress and live a peaceful life

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    Information about the chakra energy system and how to create balance within these storehouses

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    Weekly journal questions to get you to the root causes of stressors in your life

  • Connector.


    Bonus contemplation questions that bring awareness to potential hidden areas of stress


Lifetime access: $29

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Course structure

Don’t be a stranger: this course will always be there for you when you need it


Lifetime access to this online gentle yoga course will guide you along your journey as frequently as you like. Keep in mind that each time you practice, there is potential to show you different insights at different stages of your life.

We will begin each week with an introduction to the theme for the week. Next, a mantra—a word or phrase silently repeated to focus the mind. This mantra matches the theme of the week and helps with focusing the mind. Use this mantra at any time—especially when you feel stress come on. For example, you can practice seated, standing, lying down or while you’re waiting in line, driving or doing chores.

Each week, you’ll receive a 75 or 90 minute yoga practice (HD video) and a 10-20 minute guided pranayama practice (breathing exercise, mp3 audio) and can practice as frequently as you like.

To journey deeper into limited beliefs and thought patterns that may be holding you in a state of stressful thinking, I offer journal and bonus contemplation questions for each week. Being honest with yourself as you answer these questions in your journal will help reveal insights and bring awareness to areas of your life that create stress. If you want to get the most out of this program, I suggest journaling each day, keeping the questions in mind all week. Take note and pinpoint areas of stress in your life.

It is in the light of awareness that limited beliefs and thought patterns will dissipate.


Lifetime access: $29

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Going deeper

More about why this course can bring about such profound and lasting change in your life


The natural state of the body is ease

The body intuitively knows how to heal itself if we clear the stress and give it the space to do so. Reclaiming a positive mind-body connection will combat stress with the antidote of relaxation and ease.

We use breath and body awareness to shift the focus away from the busyness of mind.

Getting to know yourself will set you free

When we clear stress from our minds and bodies, we allow the body to reset. We redirect energy to healing rather than stress. When we’re stressed, our cortisol and adrenalin levels rise as we anticipate threats.

This course shines a light on some of the “threats” the mind is trying to defend itself against—even the threats that aren’t real.

When we shine the light of awareness on our stressors, we may find that some are made from a negative or stressful belief system we have developed to cope.

With the help of this online yoga course, you can identify external and internal stressors. In doing so, you’ll be able to change old reactions, thought patterns and body memory. With practice, you will shift from stress to peace.

Teach your body to relax

When we practice yoga and pranayama—specifically the exercises in this online gentle yoga course—we are in essence telling the body and nervous system to relax. We turn on “rest and digest” mode, gradually turning off the stress response in the body.

The more frequently we practice, the more benefit we will see. The brain, body and nervous system have a remarkable ability to change. This course allows us to tap into the natural potential for change so we begin to feel better.

If you are starting this online gentle yoga course, you are most likely suffering from high levels of stress. These high stress levels are seeping into all areas of your life and you may feel like there is no escape from it. Or perhaps there are moments of relief, but they are fleeting.

Sometimes, the stress may not be obvious to you. It can lurk just below the surface, blocking your joy. Seemingly insignificant things may drain or overwhelm you.

It’s time to look at those areas of life causing stress and gently invite in change.

I want you to know that the chronic stress and anxiety you feel can be turned around. But first, we must establish a baseline for where you are now.

You may have been feeling this stress for months, years or even decades. Gently accept that how you feel at this moment is a practiced vibration—a habit that your body has been used to for some time. Your body and mind are very comfortable here. It’s time to get out of that comfort of stress and turn things around in a peaceful direction.

Shifting momentum

Imagine a wheel spinning in one direction. It has momentum in that direction and it would be impossible to instantly stop the wheel and go just as fast in the opposite direction.

The wheel must first slow down, stop, change direction and build speed.

In essence, that’s what this course is: slowing the current momentum of high stress and anxiety and pivoting you into the direction of relaxation and ease. Rather than stress being the “default,” peace and ease become your new baseline.

The purpose of this course is to gently guide the body and mind away from this habit and cycle of stress, anxiety, negativity, illness and disease. It is meant to bring the body back into balance.

Practicing these exercises will shift the body back into rest and digest mode—the body’s true and natural state—melting away the high stress response. Stress will no longer spill into each area of your life. Instead, feeling better will. The ups and downs of life will become more manageable and you can bounce back quicker from bumps in the road.

Boost immune function, strengthen the body-mind connection, learn body awareness, mindfulness and the healing power of living in the present moment. Relief from stress is possible. And closer than you think.

Come into the present moment

When the nervous system calms, the immune system and organs function optimally. The mind quiets and we tap into the present moment, where healing truly occurs—and where our lives happen. Life never exists beyond the present. Unclouded by stress, we are able to truly enjoy life, find our unique purpose, live creatively with health, joy, love, confidence, ease and inner peace.

We find vitality for life and well-being, which connects us to our divine energy reserve. This energy reserve can now be directed toward healing and vitality rather than being drained by constantly being on high-alert and on the defense. The more we breathe and remain present, the more alive we feel. We let our miraculous bodies heal themselves, boost energy levels and enhance our emotional state as we find balance in all areas of our lives.

Set your own pace

This online gentle yoga course has the flexibility for you to set your own pace and you can go back whenever you like. To get the most out of the course, starting out, begin with the mantra and the journal questions. Slow down your current momentum of stress by working with the mantra and identify stressful patterns with the journal questions. Add in the breathing and yoga practices to release and clear that stressful energy within body and mind.

You can practice the yoga sequence and pranayama once each or as many times as you like throughout the week. Be sure to find a quiet place with no distractions for your practices.

Like all things valuable, you will get out of this what you put in.

Be easy with yourself and relax into this gradual change from stress to peace.

If you are unsure of any yoga poses throughout the course and would like written or visual instruction, please purchase my book, “Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health,” for further instruction. On my website, I also have links to Amazon for recommended props to use while you practice, as well as additional resources including blogs, videos and guided mediations.

Email me at with any questions. May you walk with peace. Namaste.


Lifetime access: $29

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