Healing From Adversity Success Story

Healing from adversity success story

There was a time when I was hopelessly lost in the dark. I was trapped in the despair of depression and the crippling grip of anxiety, with a prescription in my hand as the only thing that was supposed to make me feel better. For 12 long years I believed it was the only option. … Read More

Healing the soul is not an on-demand thing

Healing the soul is not an on-demand thing.

Life is so on-demand. Everything we want is instantly at our fingertips. When we have a question, we Google it. When we want to shop, we go online and order it. Whatever it is, it’s usually a few clicks and Prime shipping days away from being in our hands. We can even get our food … Read More

Where to find love in life | Goodbye Mom | Cyndi Roberts Yoga

Where to find love in life - goodbye, mom

Life is a paradox. Life is unknown for each of us. I recently found myself in the midst of paradox as I began my uncharted journey into motherhood, the same time my mother’s journey was coming to an end. When i think about how much I love being a mother, I naturally think about my … Read More

Cyndi Roberts Fox CT Mommy Minute with Sarah Cody

Cyndi Roberts on Fox 61 CT's Mommy Minute with Sarah Cody

In this short clip, Fox CT’s Sarah Cody and I discuss how I used yoga and meditation (among other tools) to reclaim my health after a 12 year battle with depression, anxiety and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. Now the mom of a nearly 3 year old, my yoga and meditation practices are more important … Read More

Staying Motivated… doing the work when the going gets tough

Staying motivated - doing the work when the going gets tough

Since my awakening, I have resolved to live life. Like… live it. Feel it. Breathe it. Embody it. Embrace it and everything that comes with that intention. I’ve committed to doing the work when the going gets tough. Each day, I wake hungry for enlightenment and ready for change. I jump in with both feet … Read More

Castor oil packs for scar tissue | Abdominal surgery scar tissue

castor oil packs for scar tissue

DISCLAIMER: The insights in this blog were made from thousands of hours of self-discovery, body work, study and conversations. It is based on my personal experience and history. I wrote this blog to share these insights in hopes of helping others find relief. I have found significant physical and emotional healing from using castor oil … Read More